Advisory Services

As a research and advisory organization positioned in Hong Kong, we help our clients achieve their goals in Asia by leveraging our extensive expertise in research, strategic design, and evaluation.

We provide bespoke solutions, and our meaningful and relevant insights and analyses help our clients drive change and maximize the impact of their social investments. Each engagement is customized to fit the specific needs of a project.


As a nonprofit organization, we cultivate a partnership of trust, discretion, and a shared commitment to maximizing the impact of philanthropic investments with our clients.


As a research-driven advisory organization, CAPS works at the intersection of building capacity and partnerships with individual donors, family offices, corporate foundations, social delivery organizations, and governments. Our three core services are:

  1. Strategic design and goal setting:
    We take a portfolio-wide strategic design and goal-setting approach:
    • Identification of primary programmatic goals;
    • Development of impact-focused strategies and design of delivery programs and processes;
    • Preliminary research meetings and personalized workshops, including stakeholder mapping, family or employee interviews, and group discussions; and
    • Background research on relevant best practices and benchmarking that can inform a new strategy.
  2. Specialized research and project design:
    We work with donors to help understand new or expanded investment and activities in a specific area.
  3. Project evaluation:
    We help donors evaluate existing projects, on a one-off or ongoing basis, and provide recommendations on improvements and next steps.

If you are interested in any of our advisory services, please contact us at