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  • by Natalee Hung

    What exactly is a GONGO?

    When I first came across the term GONGO, or “government-organized non-governmental organization”, I was perplexed by the rather oxymoronic combination of the term. Isn’t a non-governmental organization supposed to be non-governmental? How are they different from typical NGOs?
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    India’s CSR law: A national experiment to drive social development

    In 2013, India put in place one of the most progressive laws around corporate social responsibility (CSR). However, six years on the law has fallen short in driving collective national progress. One reason for this is that a large proportion of funding is flowing to a small proportion of states. 
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  • by Thoughts on the Role of the Social Sector in China 疫情过后对中国第三部门的几点思考

    Thoughts on the Role of the Social Sector in China 疫情过后对中国第三部门的几点思考

    In this unprecedented pandemic crisis, it has been laid bare that government and businesses cannot satisfy all market and social needs and that the third sector is indispensable to a functional society. 这次前所未有的疫情危机清楚表明,政府和私营部门不能满足所以的市场和社会需求,在一个运行健全的社会体系中,第三部门必不可缺。
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  • by Ruth A. Shapiro

    Covid-19: A Fork in Our Collective Road

    While we do know that the global lockdown we are currently living through will end, we do not know what the post-Covid-19 world will look like. In an effort to understand how Covid-19 is affecting the region, we have talked with our partners and donors from around Asia. We can see some early trends.
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